Designing UX, Pixel Art, Films, Board Games, and Books. Interested in the future. Inspired by the past. Currently Senior UX Designer at Lucid.
Fourth Grade Career Day—my classmates and I were tasked with choosing one of the classroom's reference books for a career report. My dream was to be an animation artist for Disney, but the closest career on the bookshelf was "Graphic Designer". Little did I know, a career as a designer would ultimately provide the leeway to be involved in any creative endeavor, whether it be film-making, apparel design, product design, or even sound design (all of which I have pursued). 
My favorite definition of design is from the legendary jack-of-all-trades designer Charles Eames:
This definition opens design up while sharpening it to a point.
I've found that so much of what one learns about design from one medium can be transferred usefully to another. It's this kind of cross-discipline cross-inspiration that keeps each new design challenge interesting and edifying.
There is value in putting better design into the world even if no one else notices the details. Complex problems are a joy to work on when ego is checked at the door and there is an open-mindedness to challenge the status quo. It's important to learn in the quickest, cheapest way possible and to ship the MVP that is actually viable. 
I believe in finding solutions that work for real people. I believe in keeping children safe. I love to work with people who are curious, passionate about what they do, genuinely care about others, and who point out how to make my work better.
“Bryant's leadership and ability to provide insights and capture ideas and turn them into great design is huge for the team.”
—Product Owner
“Bryant is amazing to work with. He has great ideas and always able to express them in constructive, yet gentle ways. He has a way of making feel at ease. He is well recognized for both his technical experience, his quick responses, and his high quality of work. It is wonderful to work with Bryant.”
—UX Manager
“Bryant is one of the premier designers that I have worked with in my career. We have worked on many efforts together. He has the design expertise and talent to solve deep UX workflow problems and design them beautifully. He is able to peel back the status quo and find innovative approaches to tough product problems. He has the ability to relate to peers and to communicate design to stakeholders. I look forward to working on any project he is involved in.”
—UX Design Mentor
“Bryant's creative, artistic, customer-focused skillsets are incredible. He is productive with a great work ethic. He has showed great leadership in defining sections of our project... Bryant's interpersonal skills help team camaraderie and unity.”
—Product Manager
“Bryant has the wonderful talent of creating order out of chaos, to define a specific path forward, and to have empathy for our guests.”
—Product Manager
“[Bryant is] fearless when it comes to growth-hacking, seeks first to understand, and is constantly learning. He's also kind and empathic, and so easy to work with. Don't miss out on a chance to work with him.”
—Product Strategist
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• Managing complexity
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