Whimmy App Animations for Watch
Animation & Storyboards: Bryant Hodson
Art Direction: Seth Taylor, Stotion
Whimmy is an app that allows friends send fast event invitations with a fuse. This bubbly-branded app needed snappy animations that could quickly communicate the status of the invites.
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash​​​​​​​
Minus-8 Ad
Animation & Storyboards: Bryant Hodson
Product Design & Art Direction: Dana Krieger
Creative Direction: Woo Roberts
This 30-second ad gives motion to series of conceptual wristwatch renderings—part of a product line of watches designed by ASTRO Studios called Minus-8. In collaboration with some incredibly talented designers, we were able to combine graphics, motion, and audio to convey the Minus-8 brand.
Your Story Matters
Script: Riley Florence, Bryant Hodson
Video:: Bryant Hodson
Music: Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós
Footage: Various archival films and home videos
In Simon Sinek's Start With Why TED talk, he argues: “The goal is not to do business with everybody that needs what you have; the goal is to business with people who believe what you believe... People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” 
This concept video is our answer for how to "start with why" as we greet visitors to FamilySearch.org.
Password: watch
The Future of the Book
Product Concept Design, Video, and Animation/Compositing: Bryant Hodson
Music: Far Away by Washed Out, Burgundy Eve by Jared C Balogh
A book from 100 years ago is just as functional as when it was first printed. However, its functionality is limited to its medium, paper, whose only affordances are seeing words/images and flipping pages. The Future of the Book is a short video that explores the possibilities of a content-rich, interactive book app. In other words, what could a book be?


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