Tales of the Macabre West
Book Design, Cover, and Illustrations: Bryant Hodson
Author: Ben Lane Hodson
Tales of the Macabre West is a novel consisting of five horror short stories set in a supernatural wild west.
Frankie Finds the Blues
Book Design: Bryant Hodson
Author: Joel Harper
Illustrations: Gary Kelley
Frankie Finds the Blues is a children’s picture book collaboration with author Joel Harper and artist Gary Kelley. It is an inspirational story that touches on themes such as family generations connecting, music breaking down barriers in society, and following your dreams.
Becoming Re-Successful
Book Design & Cover: Bryant Hodson
Author: J. Demeron Skouson
Becoming Re-Successful is a non-fiction business strategy book that is aims to educate American manufacturers about Japanese manufacturing techniques and philosophies.
Museum Catalog Concept
Book Design: Bryant Hodson
White Magic is a mock concept for a museum exhibit catalog about the work of collage/shadowbox artist Joseph Cornell.


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